Why Us?

CANS is your complete technology partner. We offer the perfect solutions for all of your IT problems and all of your IT aspirations, and we practice what we preach: service is everything.

IT is a necessary business tool, but it is not usually your business. Done right it can be a strategic business enabler; done wrong it is a drain on your time, money and human resources. It makes perfect commercial sense to use the experts to ensure the former and avoid the latter. We have a close relationship with all of the leading technology vendors but are tied to none; and we employ only the best consultants and engineers in the industry.

Whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized business or a large corporation, CANS is the right expert technology partner for all of your IT needs.

Why you should choose CANS

We operate under two guiding principles: the delivery of cutting edge solutions and always putting the customer first. For the first, we have invested heavily in the expertise of our staff. Our consultants and engineers are the best in the country, and are fully conversant with all of the latest IT technologies, techniques and developments

For the second, we put our customer needs above all else, 24/7. Our by-line is not an empty promise, it is a firm commitment: service is everything.

For more information please contact us on 0131 541 0020, send us an email info@cans.scot or complete our request via our on-line request form here.


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